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15tph SZS series gas-fired saturated steam boiler project for building material industry

In the building material industry, the aerated concrete block is a new type of lightweight building material.

1T/H Gas Steam Boiler to United Kingdom

The Customer purchase the 1 t/h gas steam boiler for Hotel Laundry Room. At present, the boiler has been in normal operation, and our customers are very satisfied with our boiler.

10 Tons/H SZS Gas Steam Boiler Applied in Plate Industry

Wood processing is the traditional dominant industry in the location of the project, and the building material industry is currently one of the main applications of gas steam boilers. After many inspection and comparison, the customer finally chose to purchase 10 tons SZS condensing gas boiler from our company. The boiler is mainly used for the production of steam supply by the plate manufacturers.

4t/h Steam Boiler Installed in Saudi Arabia

In May 2019, our company signed a contract with a textile company in Saudi Arabia. They ordered 1 set of gas fired steam boiler for providing steam in textile processing. In the middle of August, the manufacturing of 4 ton gas fired steam boiler were finished, and shipped to Saudi Arabia. In the end of September, the steam boiler was installed and will be put into operation soon.

  • 15tph SZS series gas-fired saturated steam boiler project for building material industry
  • 1T/H Gas Steam Boiler to United Kingdom
  • 10 Tons/H SZS Gas Steam Boiler Applied in Plate Industry
  • 4t/h Steam Boiler Installed in Saudi Arabia
What Our Clients Say

Since 1976, Taiguo boiler Co., Ltd. has been designing, manufacturing and installing the most reliable and efficient industrial boilers and pressure vessels.

After comparing some boiler companies, we decide to purchase Taiguo Boiler products. Delivery, installation, operation and so on every detail, Taiguo Boiler is doing very well.

We are satisfied with the entire service, which laid a solid foundation for our future cooperation with Taiguo boiler Co., Ltd.

Taiguo Boiler's products reach my expected output and provide enough steam for my factory.

  • Food processing
  • Power factory
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Building Materials

Food processing industry solutions

Most food processing facilities have industrial steam boilers or hot water boilers for generating steam or hot water for processing, cooking, or sanitation.

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Power factory industry solutions

Taking advantage of our continuous innovation in clean combustion technologies, Tai Guo Boiler provides high temperature high pressure steam boilers for power plant, cogeneration, CHP.

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Chemical industry industry solutions

Petroleum chemical plant is the chemical industry that uses oil and natural gas to produce chemical products.

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Paper industry industry solutions

The heat dissolving of chemical drugs in the production of paper mill, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate and so on, which need to be heated by steam.

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Textile industry industry solutions

Textile is a multi - scale processing technique for a fiber or fiber aggregate. Whether it is dyeing, drying, sizing, printing and dyeing can not be separated from the support and coordination of steam boiler.

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Pharmaceutical industry solutions

Pharmaceuticals need to use a large amount of industrial steam and pure steam to sterilize raw materials and equipment. Compared with other industries, pharmaceutical factories have higher requirements for steam systems.

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Building Materials industry solutions

Because most of the boilers in the building materials industry provide kinetic energy for the process, there is a great difference in the production process.

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Henan Taiguo Boiler Products Co.,Ltd founded in 1976, is the professional manufacturer of Grade A industrial boilers. The company covering an area of 60,000㎡, construction area of 45,000㎡, owning independent physical and chemical laboratories. Henan Taiguo Boiler offer various industrial boilers, including Gas & Oil Fired Boiler, Coal Fired Boiler, Biomass Fired Boiler, Electric Heating Boiler, Thermal Oil Boiler,Steam Generator, Pressure Vessel, Hot Air Furnace, etc. 

Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries all over the world. We have gained the certificates of ISO 9001, ASME, CE, etc.To guarantee the quality of products, 8 quality assurance systems are set, include design, technology, material physical and chemistry, welding, testing, inspection, measurement equipment, production. We have many advanced equipment on processing, welding, inspection and testing, such as CNC plasma cutting machine, high speed CNC plane drilling machine, etc.Welcome to visit our factory!

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