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Can Be Rice Husk as Boiler Fuel?

Rice husk can be used as fuel for steam boiler. Rice husk is the shielding covers for the rice grain that is taken off and declined in the operation of dehusking of rice grinding. Huge quantities of rice husk are produced in the rice grinds for the duration of the farming period. Rice husk varieties among 20% until 25% of excess weight of dried out rice.

The following below is characteristics of rice husk as boiler fuel:

a.Rice husk needs much area for storeroom. Rice husk is natural, consequently, to try multi fuel firing in order to maintain off-period.

b.Along with rice husk's calorific value of 3500 kcal/kg, it is desirable fuel with the exception of seasonal availability.

c.Rice husk has standard size commonly less than 3 mm, so it does not need specific preparation of fuel.

d.Rice husk is quite waterless, just comprising moisture between 7% until 9% and uncompressible intended for baling reasons.

e.It possesses 15% until 20% ash in addition to ash is very abrasive, because it has silica to level of 90%.

DZL chain grate biomass boiler

DZL series quick-load biomass fired steam boiler is also called automated chain grate steam boiler, with horizontal structure, low pressure, single drum, fire and water tube structure. Fuel feeding method is automatic which saves a lot of labor.The fuels can be bagasse, sawdust, peanut shell, rice husk, wood chips, olive shell, paddy, cocoa shell, palm oil shell, sugarcane, low cost and energy saving – nearly 50% lower than gas/oil fired boiler.

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