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Vacuum Hot Water Heating Boiler

Vacuum hot water boiler adopts the principle of water-fire tube boiler, SU304S stainless steel heat exchanger, high heat transfer efficiency of flue gas, compact structure, high efficiency and energy saving, ultra low NOx emission and small volume.The vacuum boiler operates under negative pressure and has multiple protection functions. It is safe and reliable and never explodes. It has exquisite appearance, convenient installation, convenient maintenance and no need for supervision.

Available Fuels: Natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, heavy oil, dual fuel, etc.

Applications: This kind of boiler mainly supply heating or hot water. Widely used for heating for buildings, apartment buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, sports centers,public spa, swimming pools, other leisure facilities.


Vacuum boiler heat transition flow:
Oil, natural gas - > combustion - > heat medium water - > after boiling, steam change to condensing water - > heat exchanger heat transfer > hot water supply

working principle of vacuum hot water boiler

Advanatges for Vacuum hot water boiler:

1. Safety
There is no danger of expansion, explosion or rupture during negative pressure operation;

2. Long service life
The heat medium water heat exchange system is used, there is no scaling and corrosion phenomenon, the boiler maintenance and after-sales problems are reduced, 

and the service life of the boiler is greatly increased;

3. Exemption from inspection products
Negative pressure operation products, the relevant state departments are exempt from inspection and supervision;

4. Small size
Can be placed in the basement and roof, more conducive to the boiler room configuration, modular parallel connection;

5. Environmental protection
The measured minimum emission of NOX is 20mg/m3, in line with the most stringent environmental protection standards;

6. Energy saving
The measured air consumption of the 0.7MW hot water boiler in one hour is <60m3, which is far lower than the industry data.

Boiler System



vacuum hot water boiler accessories

1. Burner  ----  Italy Brand Baltur Burner, or customers could designate the brand;

2. Electric Control Cabinet  ----  Fully automatic PLC control system, English display;

3. Water Pump  ----  Customer could designate the brand, and the boiler could adopt variable frequency water supply, save energy and decrease operation cost;
4. Economizer  ----  The boiler could equipped with economizer based on customers’ requirement, to improve boiler thermal efficiency;
5. Water Treatment Equipment  ----  Based on the water quality, could equipped with different water treatment equipment, generally, there are soften water treatment and reverse osmosis water treatment equipment. 

The above is standard, other accessories are available, like condensed water recycling equipment, deaerator, pressure tank, etc. More question please send us your inquiry!

Rated powerMW0.
Rated working pressureMPa-0.02
Heat exchangerMPa≤2.5
Rated outlet water temperature85
Rated return water temperature60
Water capacityL2000260032503950492059506230743085209560
Pollution dischargeDN4050
Fuel consumptionlight oilkg/h43.264.797.1129.5162194.2226259324389
natural gasNm3/h4973.5110.3147183.6220.6265294.1368441.2
town gasNm3/h111.1166.7250333.3416.7500570666.78331000

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